Our range of add-on’s has been created to address common business issues. We have developed our own add-on’s, as well as partnered with other developers to overcome common business challenges. Our offering has been carefully developed and selected to provide solutions that have excellent reputations to further enhance the functionality of your Sage.

If you require more industry specific functionality then our innRange may be of interest, with solutions for warehouses, wholesale, retail, e-commerce, remote sales and distribution businesses.

If your add-on requirements are truly unique, bespoke development maybe more suitable.

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Most businesses have data in many different systems and formats making intelligent reporting across the business at best difficult and at worst impossible. innView is Innov8′s automated report delivery tool, you decide who gets what information, in what format and when, innView does the rest.

Further Information

innView is our unique web based reporting tool that collects information from multiple specified data sources, be it Sage, our innRange or other business applications and creates smart business intelligence, delivered straight to your inbox. innView helps you to plan and make better informed decisions about your business.

innView allows you to report across your business and easily distribute reports to your management team, enabling them to make more effective decisions based on real time data. With innView you can collate multiple reports from multiple data sources onto one single report, reducing the number of business reports that are issued.

As reports can be scheduled to run automatically from the report management control panel, simply tell innView who you want to send a report to and when. innView also knows individuals preferences so you can send reports to each individual in their preferred format. Many of these report formats are optimised for mobile devices, so you can receive business intelligence, wherever you are.

Unlike paper reports where you need to store a hard copy of a report in order to view historical information, analyse trends and see patterns, innView gives you access to all your reports all from within the innView Spooler screen.

Finally innView is accessible and controlled from within the online management portal, use innView to build a personalised list of reports for individual employees and departments and make better informed decision across your business.

  • Report in real time across your business
  • Distribute information to internal and external contacts
  • Delivered reports scheduled to run automatically, simply set the recipients, time and frequency
  • Send reports in multiple formats: PDF, Excel, Word and Crystal Reports just to name a few
  • Recover reports long after they were run with the innView Spooler
  • View multiple queries on one single report – combine data from multiple sources
  • Intuitive and secure web-based management interface

In a typical month your accounts department alone produces hundreds, even thousands, of documents – invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, remittance advice notes and statements.

With one click, Spindle Professional automatically sends documents to multiple recipients by email, fax and print and stores them for easy access, freeing up time and saving your business money.

Spindle Professional, is used by over 10,000 users in over 2,000 companies throughout the UK and Europe. It is an affordable, award-winning, intelligent Windows print driver that simplifies the entire process and works with practically any application that can print to, including, but not exclusive to:

Sage 50, Sage 200/MMS, ACT!, Microsoft Word, Excel and many more…

Further Information

Spindle Professional enables your organisation to save time and eliminate errors by utilising cost effective technology that sends documents at the click of a button via email and fax, opposed to costly post (although you can print and post if desired). Spindle Professional merges information from your business applications, creates the documents for automatic distribution and then archives your documents. Spindle helps improve communication between departments, reduce errors, saving time and money.

With Spindle no expensive pre-printed stationery is needed as your corporate branding is added to the generated document, Spindle can also add latest promotional offers, seasonal messages quickly and easily, professionally enhancing your company’s image. Spindle additionally can generate barcodes for helping process orders without the need for specialist equipment.

The nature of Spindle Professional also conveys environmental credentials, reducing an organisations carbon footprint by minimising the amount of paper and associated impact.

NEW FEATURE: Digital Signatures

Authenticate and protect documents, accelerate and streamline workflow and ensure compliance with PDF digital signatures. Digital signatures allow a business to assure its recipients that documents have come from an authenticated source and provide evidence should the document be tampered with. (See PDF Approver for more information)



  • Send complete with your company branding and messages, finished documents are sent as PDF files
  • Email written using a template you’ve designed and personalised
  • Accepted by HMRC and checked for sending original VAT invoices
  • Supports HTML for branding, colours, lines and images as well as plain text email
  • High priority setting highlights important email
  • Automatically sends copies to multiple contacts as required
  • Attach other documents e.g. sales offers or terms & conditions
  • Integrates with a range of email applications such as Microsoft Outlook


  • Quick document delivery from one business to another via Fax
  • E-Fax can automate and schedule faxes to save money by sending off-peak and free up phone lines
  • No need to print hard copies, Spindle can also fax-optimise stationery
  • Adds terms & conditions, promotional or other messages


  • Always prints correct number of copies
  • Copies can be printed on different stationery
  • Prints to multiple printers simultaneously
  • Automatic printer settings define paper trays, colour or black & white modes


  • Archives finished document as you would see it
  • Allows documents to be found and accessed by several people simultaneously
  • Easily back-up and take copies in a secure location
  • Microsoft SharePoint Archiving- saving you time and enabling documents to be collated, archived and retrieved instantly. Documents can be searched by any criteria such as customer name or sales value.


  • Automatically links outgoing documents such as quotes and accounting documents against a customer or company
  • Saves a record of the communication for reference
  • Adds notes to companies and contacts confirming dates documents were sent
  • Integrates with a range of CRM applications

PDF Digital Signatures:

  • Send digitally signed Adobe PDF documents
  • Strengthen integrity and audit potential of electronic transactions
  • Helps protect document integrity
  • Compliant with legislation in most European countries

Barcode Generation:

  • Automatically generate over 40 different barcode types directly onto documents
  • Orders don’t have to be manually entered onto a separate system for barcodes to be generated, simplifying order processing, saving time and resources
  • No need for separate label printers or specialised fonts

Spindle Document Capture is a document capture software solution to allow you to capture, archive and view documents directly from Sage 200. Whenever there’s a need in your business for capturing, archiving and viewing documents, Spindle Document Capture will take care of it and help to transform your document management processes.

Note: Document Capture is currently only available for Sage 200.

Further Information

Save Time, Money & Office Space:

Documents can be instantly viewed within Sage 200 to help you save a significant amount of time spent filing and searching for documents. Not only will this help you to improve your business efficiency, it will also help you to reduce costs and free up storage space.

Embrace Truly Paperless working:

Use in conjunction with outgoing document distribution solution, Spindle Professional, to create a truly paperless office. This will also help you to cut down on your paper usage for outgoing and incoming communications to reduce the environmental impact of your business.

Credit Hound is inexpensive, award-winning credit control software that streamlines credit control in your business. Designed to help you reduce the time it takes to be paid, improving your cash flow and saving you time. Flexible and fully scalable to suit the occasional user or a whole team of credit controllers, Credit Hound enables credit controllers to do their job more efficiently with features such as automated chasing emails, call reminders and the ability to log and control disputes, Credit Hound also integrates with Spindle Professional.

Further Information

Cash flow is crucial and when credit control is poor, even profitable businesses go under. Credit Hound improves credit control procedures, helping reduce bad debts more quickly, saving time and improving your business bank balance. With the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Outlook, Credit Hound’s built-in calendar reminds you who needs to be called, when and why.

Credit Hound helps your credit controller(s) by monitoring and keeping in contact with your customers in an organised and clear manner. You’ll be aware of potential issues and can hold a tighter rein on the credit you offer, helping to reduce bad debts.

Credit Hound’s combination of unique and automated features allow you to chase 60 or more customers in the time it would take chasing six by traditional manual methods. Simple and convenient to use, Credit Hound isn’t there to replace credit control, it only enhances the process with the dashboard, reporting tools and link to accounts software so you don’t need to duplicate transaction details and once an invoice is paid, Credit Hound is automatically updated.



  • Dashboard is the home page and your starting point within Credit Hound, instantly telling you everything you need to know in an easy-to-understand graphical format
  • Colour-coding for ease of reference
  • “Who’s Got My Money” chart, so you can see at-a-glance who owes you the most money
  • Disputes, bringing to your attention the details of disputed invoices
  • Promised cash forecasts the amount of money you are expecting from customers
  • “Where’s My Money?” clearly shows you the total amount owed to you, broken down by invoices not yet due, overdue or disputed

Chasing Screen:

  • Credit Hound brings together the information you need in the Chase Screen
  • Gathers all the detail you need about your customers, from outstanding invoices and contact details to previous chase history and notes
  • Customisable list of reasons for non-payment
  • Credit Hound offers ways to overcome objections to making payment
  • Flag when commitment for payment has been made or an invoice is disputed
  • Automatically generate follow-up letters, leaving your customer in no doubt about their obligation to pay

Rules & Actions:

  • Give Credit Hound ‘Rules’ to determine which credit control ‘Actions’ it should perform
  • When a rule is met, Credit Hound takes the appropriate action
  • Use rules and actions to streamline and automate the time-consuming stages of your current collection policy


  • Calendar enables you to keep on top of promised payments as well as remembering to review disputed invoices
  • With the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Outlook, you will instantly feel comfortable and confident using the calendar
  • Events in the calendar are linked to your accounts system, so once an invoice is paid, events are automatically completed, avoiding the possibility of chasing payments already made

Interactive Aged Debtors List:

  • Use an interactive aged debtors list is that you are able to sort and filter your accounts in real time
  • Highlight the accounts with the oldest overdue invoices

PDF Approver is a free piece of software that aids electronic workflow processes by making it quick and easy to add digital signatures to PDF documents, enabling you to speed up approval procedures, improve project coordination and strengthen business relationships.

Digital signatures are the equivalent of a handwritten signature on a paper document and eliminate the need to print, sign and scan documents for physical signing.

Further Information

PDF Approver can be used by any department where there is a need to sign and approve documents:

Invoices; Purchase orders; Statements; Quotations; Contracts; Time sheets; Expense claims; And many more…

By placing an individual’s digital signature on every document that is produced in your business, you can reassure customers, tax and regulatory authorities that invoices and important documents are authentic.

In order to used PDF approver you need a Digital Certificate token.

Digital Certificates

The move from mail to e-mail, from print to paperless, from filing to electronic storage means that it is very often impractical to use traditional handwritten signatures. In fact many of the advantages of using electronic systems fail because at some point a physical signature is still required. Digital Signatures allow you to add an electronic “fingerprint” in a cost effective, simple operation.

Digital signatures authenticate and protect PDF documents to improve the security, authenticity and traceability of your digital ID, bringing a wide range of benefits to your business.

However, you  need to purchase a valid digital certificate to digitally sign PDF documents with PDF Approver. In partnership with GlobalSign (an Adobe CDS Provider) we can offer digital certificates that enable you to sign documents digitally.

Benefits of Digital Certificates

Accelerate and Streamline Workflow:

Any document that requires a signature can cause delays but this is compounded when multiple or remote authorisation is needed, increasing costs. Going digital speeds up the approvals procedure, enables on the move authorisation and simplifies administrative systems.

Ensure Compliance:

Where there is a need to conform to internal, contractual or regulatory procedures, digital signatures provide assurance that the documents have come from an authenticated source (in many countries, including the UK, they have the same legal value as handwritten signatures), evidence if the documents be altered and proof of signing time and date.

Gain Competitive Advantage:

Research shows that 80% of all business processes rely on forms many of which need to be “signed off” thus adding delays, increasing costs and complicating the decision making processes. Use digital signatures to simplify and strengthen business relationships, improve project coordination and maximise your investment in document management technologies.

Reduce Operating Costs:

The objective of benefiting from the efficiencies of the paperless office is destroyed where there is a need to have any documents physically signed. Digital signatures allow you to truly exploit today’s technologies by eliminating printing costs and exploiting electronic storage/archiving.

Trade Internationally:

Following the EU Directive 2010/45/EU electronic signatures became legally admissible in the UK. All countries within the EU now allow electronic invoicing from one country to another. Some EU tax authorities will only accept electronic invoices that have been sent using an EDI system or those that include an electronic signature. Therefore if you are trading in the EU and in many other countries your customers may require you to digitally sign your electronic invoices for them to legally be able to reclaim VAT and/or remain compliant.

Download PDF Approver and Enquire About Digital Certificates

PaperLess is the ideal solution to reduce costly paper inefficiencies in your organisation whilst maintaining business workflows and document recovery. PaperLess manages all your paperwork from scanning and adding electronic documents to processing them in your accounting systems, helping to reduce your operating costs. PaperLess operates on a specialised document management model:



With PaperLess you can easily add digital files or scanned images. Digitising your paperwork as early as possible in your business processes saves time and money as it is more efficient to handle documents electronically and your users will always be able to view them.

  • Drag and drop multiple file types from email or any other file location
  • Digitise documents as early as possible by scanning them directly into PaperLess
  • Invoice recognition to save time and reduce errors

With invoice Recognition PaperLess finds the data from your invoices to save you time. Using sophisticated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognise the information on your invoices, PaperLess can learn the formats and configuration to extract the relevant information, reducing inputting errors and saving time, PaperLess will even check for duplicate transactions! The PaperLess capture functions enable you to merge, split and re-organise files electronically so working through a batch of paperwork is quick and easily.


PaperLess makes sure you can keep track of your documents, providing you with a way to ensure that your approvals process is structured to the way your organisation works.

All business documents can be managed within the document flow and a clear audit trail is visible. Once the approvals process is complete you can make a final check on transactions, amend any accounting lines prior to posting in your accounts system.

After posting documents are available to view in the Accounting Archive tab instantly without any waiting and you can see the transaction details and document flow record.

Other documents such as holiday forms, expenses, purchase orders, quotations, and invoices can be managed and securely stored within the PaperLess Document flow.

Also with PaperLess document management you can restrict document access by individual users or groups.


The PaperLess accounting archive enables you to access all your accounting transactions with the related documents, and the record of the approval process. Uniquely with PaperLess the accounting archive is created by synchronising the transactions from your accounting application to PaperLess.

This key feature within PaperLess ensures data integrity for your accounting archive. Within the PaperLess accounting archive you can:

  • Add documents in any multiple formats to existing transactions
  • Archive working papers, memos and any other documentation with the transaction details
  • View the complete transaction details for every transaction with or without a document
  • Search transactions and documents using single or multiple criteria

An additional module for PaperLess is also available which extends the archive functionality even further by creating a folder structure for document archiving, searching and approvals for any type of document. This means that any document used in your organisation can be integrated within PaperLess in both archive and approval workflow.

PaperLess in 5 minutes video
The True Cost of Paper

Innov8 and PaperLess have put together a whitepaper that outlines the inefficiencies of paper-based business processing within organisations.


[download file=”” title=”The True Cost of Paper – Download a copy”]

About 80% of an out-of-the-box product will meet your business requirements. Eureka add-on’s help to bridge the gap, enhancing the functionality within Sage 200. Innov8′s development and analyst team work closely with Eureka to ensure that you have a business management solution that is a 100% fit.

Eureka add-on’s help to add functionality and make the Sage 200 suite even easier to operate, administer and manage. Within the Eureka range there are a number of available add-on collections and modules, if you purchase a single module within a pack, you actually gain access to entire plus pack collection.

Starter Pack

The add-on’s contained within the Starter Pack are available free of charge, included within this collection are some of the most popular modules such as sales order credit warning, purchase and sales order enquiry form, create new stock or customers on the fly.

What is contained in the Starter Pack collection?

Plus Pack

The Plus Pack contains 50+ add-on’s designed to improve the functionality and efficiency within Sage 200. The best thing about the Plus Pack is one add-on is the same price as the whole collection, simply choose which add-on’s you wish to enable.

What is contained in the Plus Pack collection?

Fixed Assets

Eureka Fixed Assets integrates with the Sage 200 suite and allows you to store and manage fixed assets within Sage. Fixed Assets takes care of the complicated depreciation calculations offering users a quick and simple way of managing business assets.

Learn more about Fixed Assets

SO Plus

Sales Order Plus is incorporated into the standard Sage 200 sales order entry screen with additional functionality added. This means that you do not lose any standard functionality – you simply get more.

The module aims to ensure that all information required by an end user entering orders is easily available from the main order entry screen. Sales Orders Plus is typically useful within telesales and trade-counter environments or where fast order entry and sales history information is important (this module includes Plus Pack).

Learn more about SO Plus

PO Plus

Purchase Order Plus module has been created to provide enhancements to the Sage 200 order entry screen in Purchase Order Processing. The module aims to ensure that all information required by an end user is easily available from the order entry screen, and that order entry is quick and easy.

Rapid Line Entry allows for a grid style rapid entry form to be used within the order entry screen, making it easy to switch back and forth between this and the standard order entry (this module includes Plus Pack).

Learn more about PO Plus

Stock Plus

Stock Plus was initially created after a number of requests for ‘Stock Matrix’ functionality, Stock Plus allows up to three dimensions on stock item creation. e.g. you stock a shirt in 5 colours and 12 sizes would require 60 stock items to be created – this module creates them in seconds.

Also Stock Plus addresses warehouse/store replenishment and specialist pricing (this module includes Plus Pack).

Learn more about Stock Plus

Web SO

Web SO mimics the core functionality of Sage 200 sales order entry and allows users that don’t have access to Sage 200 to enter sales orders via a customisable website interface. Users can create, view and print SO’s and the module does not take up licences for Sage 200, ideal for organisations that have more users who should be entering SO’s than they have Sage 200 licences.

Learn more about Web SO

Web PO

Web PO mimics the core functionality of Sage 200 purchase order entry and allows users that don’t have access to Sage 200 to enter purchase orders via a customisable website interface. Users can create, view and print PO’s and the module does not take up licences for Sage 200, ideal for organisations that have more users who should be entering PO’s than they have Sage 200 licences.

Learn more about Web PO

Sometimes you want to add specific business functions, processes and workflows into your Sage, making your Sage 200 system all-encompassing. Sicon add-on’s do exactly that, helping to add such functionality into your Sage 200. Innov8 have partnered with Sicon to help deliver business solutions that can be used across business departments.


Cashflow Manager integrates with Sage 200 and provides an interactive graphical drag and drop scheduler for simple cash flow management.

Intercompany Transactions  is integrated with the Sage 200 financial ledgers and processes allowing users to post nominal, stock issues, sales & purchase transactions to any of the Sage 200 companies configured within the system admin area.

Fixed Assets is an additional module integrated within the Sage 200 financial ledgers and month end processes, incorporating list views and workspaces plus a range of reports to aid the management of fixed assets.

Audit Log tracks changes to fields in core modules such as nominal, sales, purchase & cash book plus field level changes to sales and purchase order.

Contract Manager & Billing controls periodic billing of clients and the management of deferred revenues and costs. Also available is an optional costing package to provide profitability per contract.


Job Costing integrates within the Purchase ledger, SOP, POP, Stock, Time Recording & Works Order Processing. It provides solutions for clients in manufacturing, construction, software development and all types of contract management.

Kitting Lists  is ideal where a full ‘Bills of Material’ module is too complex. Kitting lists provides a simple solution for single level parts lists that can be allocated and issued to make a finished product.

Works Order Processing (WOP)  integrates within BOM and Stock Control, providing enhanced functionality to the Sage 200 BOM module and is  ideal for clients in manufacturing who need simplified stock allocation and issuing process with the ability to be amended.

Material and Resource Planning provides a manufacturing solution including suggested works orders, suggested purchase orders, weekly labour and machine capacity planning & forecast sales order import.


Applications and Valuations allows you to manage applications and valuations to clients and from sub contractors, this addition extends the construction industry specific functionality.

CIS provides additional functionality with on-line subcontractor verification, CIS submissions and production of payment certificates within the Sage report designer.

Retentions handle the processing of retentions on sales and purchase invoices, with control over releasing retentions and applying a discount.


Consignment Manager provides a simple way to manage stock levels and stock transfers to customer consignment stock warehouses.

Distribution Manager was developed to manage the requirements of distribution organisations, to reduce stock holdings, manage seasonal trends, increase telesales productivity and incorporate sales forecasting within future stock projections.

Hire & Serivce

Hire Manager is integrated with the Sage 200 stock and order processing modules. Hire manager manages the requirements of hire organisations needing to create hire documentation, scheduling people and equipment, control pricing and generate one off or periodic invoices for the items on hire.

Service Manager incorporates list views, workspaces and a range of standard reports to enhance running a service business within Sage 200.

Document Management

DMS allows user to scan & retrieve documents while they work, with no additional indexing required. Documents are securely stored in the database to enable simple backup of archived documents.

Web Authorisation

WAP (Web authorisation) enables data entry and approval processing for business documents including: requisitions, invoices, expenses, timesheets and holidays.

Enhancement Pack

Enhancement Pack contains many enhancements for Sage 200 that are too small to become products on their own. These include enhancements for: The Sales and Purchase Ledger, Sales and Purchase Order Processing, Stock Control and Price Bands.

Orbis Software produces four different technology platforms to extend the use of primary applications and improve organisational performance. These four platforms reside under the software category of “Business Process Automation”.

The 4 platforms are detailed below and can deliver endless benefits to any-sized organisation but more importantly these benefits will be unique to the individual organisation.

Notifications and Alerts Platform

The Notifications and Alerts platform provides busy people like you with the information you need, when you need it. It does this by sending you, your colleagues, suppliers or customer’s real-time email and SMS messages 24/7, 365 days a year.

Example Notifications & Alerts include:

  • Stock Level Alerts
  • Incomplete Record Alerts
  • Stock Movement Alerts
  • Credit Control Notifications
  • Unauthorised Discount Notifications
  • Customer Account Status Updates
Report and Document Automation Platform

The Report and Document Automation platform ensures that employees, customers and important stakeholders automatically receive their Sage Reporting, Crystal Reports, SSRS Reports, MS Word and CSV documents 24/7, 365 days a year.

Example Report and Document Automations created by our customers include:

  • Credit Control Letters
  • Stock Reports
  • Order Confirmations
  • Customer Statements
  • Sales Reports
  • Financial Reports
Data Integration and Synchronisation Platform

The Data Integration and Synchronisation platform reduces the cost of integration projects and integrating on-premise and cloud applications is simplistic and quick to deploy. This powerful platform can also transform data so that it is always compatible with the recipient system(s).

Example Integrations and Synchronisations created by our customers include:

  • Magento Integration
  • ParcelForce Integration
  • eBay Integration
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Amazon Integration
  • EDI Integration
  • Salesforce Integration
Workflow and Human Interaction Platform

The Workflow and Human Interaction platform enables employees to receive and authorise
multi-level workflow jobs regardless of device and business system the workflow starts
or ends within. It also creates a 100% audit trail for complete peace of mind.

Example Workflows and Human Interactions created by our customers include:

  • Purchase Order Authorisations
  • Discount Authorisations
  • Price Change Approvals
  • Expenses Approvals
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