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At Innov8 we have over 26 years of experience in delivering desktop & application virtualisation, as well as mobility solutions to companies throughout the UK.

Due to our application & software development heritage, we are ideally positioned to provide a solution that addresses not just your business and IT requirements, but also takes into account the importance of the end user experience.

Our comprehensive and complementary portfolio of products means that the requirements of the business are addressed cost effectively, without compromising business process and reliability.

Explore our range of solutions to address your IT needs…

Storage Virtualisation & Innov8

For organisations the way in which they store their data has changed. Data storage is where business critical data and applications are stored allowing the day-to-day activities of a business to occur. The data centre environment has change significantly over recent years with the development of virtualised technology. Businesses are re-designing their environments to capitalise upon the benefits of virtualisation: scalability, efficiency, ease of management, simplicity and cost saving.

At Innov8 Technology we have fully embraced virtualised storage and have developed, established and refined a ‘best of breed’ portfolio to offer a range of storage solutions, so organisations can confidently embrace this technology. Our specialist infrastructure and virtualisation team works closely with leading storage vendors to ensure that you get the most out of your data storage investment.


Traditional data centre storage is inefficient by storing data on individual servers in silos. A virtualised data centre requires attached storage and NetApp provides some of the best storage available. With smart and powerful functionality NetApp addresses many challenges that even established virtualised data centres face.

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Overall growth in data and storage volumes is routinely in the range of 30 to 50 percent per year. The cost of managing all of that data is substantial. IBM provide cost efficient storage to ensure that the your organisation can address such infrastructure challenges now and into the future.

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Server Virtualisation & Innov8

The way in which organisations run applications and business processes from servers has significantly changed. Server virtualisation technology has allowed businesses to re-think the way in which they host business applications, enabling investment in IT to be fully realised with servers running at optimum capacity.

One key aspect to server virtualisation is running virtual machines or VM’s on the server via a ‘hypervisor’.

Having being early adopters of such technology, Innov8 partnered with the originators of server virtualisation, and use the VMware hypervisor which can be used on multiple server platforms. However in order to benefit fully from server virtualisation, Innov8 have also partnered with Cisco, IBM and HP to provide powerful scalable servers. IBM and  HP servers, as well as the Cisco UCS platform provides the ideal start-point on which to build a powerful virtual server environment.


Globally over 80% of virtualised workloads run on VMware technology and with features such as load-balancing, failover and straight-forward management tools, VMware lead the market with their server virtualisation software.

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Designed from the ground up with virtualisation in mind, Cisco have developed a complete range of products to address the needs of small, medium and enterprise class business.

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At Innov8 we have been working with IBM to enable businesses to have the choice of the best technologies available when designing a solution. IBM servers are used in a variety of environments and are based upon a powerful technology platform.

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At Innov8 we work closely with HP to deliver superior server choice that can support your organisation’s workload. HP servers are used across many industries and different sized organisations ensuring their reliability.

Application/Desktop Virtualisation & Innov8

Desktop virtualisation (VDI) is software technology that separates the desktop environment and associated application software from the physical client device that is used to access it. Desktop virtualisation can be used in conjunction with application virtualisation and user profile management systems, to provide a comprehensive desktop environment management system.

VDI enables a highly flexible and more secure desktop environment, as well as providing remote working and mobility solutions. In addition desktop virtualisation supports a more complete desktop disaster recovery strategy, as all desktop components are essentially saved in the data centre.

Innov8 partner with Citrix to provide complete end-to-end management of the desktop environment.


Citrix provides dynamic virtualisation and cloud computing solutions to free you from traditional computing, allowing you to work ‘anywhere, anytime, from any device’ across private, public and personal clouds. Their people-centric approach to computing gives you the freedom to work securely and productively and gives IT the power to manage desktops, applications, servers and data at a fraction of the cost.

Citrix application & desktop virtualisation offerings radically simplify computing, taking online collaboration and desktop computing to a whole new level. You will discover better ways to do business, better ways to deliver IT services and better ways to work.

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Mobility & Innov8

Mobile operating systems on smart phones and tablets are invading the workplace at break-neck speed. The practice of ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) and issuing ‘company owned, personally enabled’ (COPE) devices only adds to the mix. Mobility is a challenge for IT and often it is business executives driving the need to have a policy. Offering such working practices through mobility solutions is a fantastic way to increase productivity as well as employee loyalty.

One important consideration is managing and securing any mobile device that is connecting to a company network, a device must be approved and the data must be secure, especially if any corporate applications are being run on it. Maintaining the balance between freedom and control is crucial and something that we think is actually quite straight-forward to achieve with the right knowledge.

At Innov8 we have a proven track record of implementing mobility solutions to SME’s and the corporate world alike. Providing the knowledge and foundation for businesses to operate in a variety of remote environments.

BYOD Mobility

Expanding upon our partnership with Citrix we now offer Citrix’s latest development, XenMobile. XenMobile takes mobility solutions to another level and incorporates existing Citrix technology alongside mobile device management (MDM) software, allowing IT to give users mobile device application and data freedom in a secure manner.

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innRange Mobility

At Innov8 we have been improving business productivity with mobility solutions for years with our own developed vertical market software, the innRange. Our innRange utilises ruggedized handheld technology, allowing businesses to operate remotely in a range of environments. With this experience we know exactly how important the end-user experience is, plus the value of secure business data to the organisation. Working with Innov8 ensures that you can strike the balance just right.

If you operate within any of our vertical markets, such as distribution, wholesale and warehousing, see if your business could gain even greater success by deploying handheld devices alongside our specialist software.

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Data Protection & Innov8

Protecting your organisation’s data and securing the infrastructure environment is one of the most critical functions of IT. Ensuring that the data centre is secure, a back-up is available and it has been replicated off-site for disaster recovery (DR) is a top priority in order to keep a business running at maximum productivity. Where would your business be if your systems went down or you had a security breach that disrupted customer service, operations and system access for employees?

At Innov8 we take an all encompassing approach to security by having solutions within our portfolio that offer resiliency and security individually. Whether used individually or combined together in a complete solution, the technology offers differing levels of protection.

A great example of this could be protecting your business with resiliency from VMware functionality such as high availability and failover; NetApp’s in-built data encryption, protecting your data before it is written to disk; Trend Micro Business Security providing fast, effective, and simple-to-manage virus protection; Cisco technology combining infrastructure and security with integrated firewalls.

For a more dedicated data protection solution that can provide universal data protection we can also discuss a SyncSort solution.

As part of our commitment to protecting your business we also offer Back-up as a Service (BaaS) and Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS), making the protection and security of data for any sized organisation simple and affordable.


SyncSort provides universal data protection and is a single unified solution making back-up and disaster recovery smarter, faster, and more efficient across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

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Businesses sometimes may find that they don’t require a full back-up or they want that little bit of extra peace of mind for critical data. Innov8 can provide a back-up solution that both SME’s and corporate businesses can utilise. With the need to make back-up simple, Innov8 now offer: BaaS (Back-up as a Service). BaaS regularly backs-up and secures your critical business data and protects it in an off-site cloud, so you can concentrate on running your business.

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Users and industry observers agree: backup is broken. Users are expressing frustration at ever increasing costs for conventional solutions that no longer do what they’re supposed to do because they are overwhelmed by data growth rates. Backups are not getting done on time, recovery takes too long and users are driven to multiple solutions to solve specific problems as a consequence disaster recovery becomes complex and unreliable as costs continually rising.

What’s needed is a single unified data protection and back-up, a combination of hardware and software that resolves all of these issues, provided as a service, while delivering ease of use and cost savings, enter DPaaS.

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Disaster Recovery & Innov8

Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions are an absolute must for any business that relies upon IT to successfully operate. Essentially, a disaster recovery strategy enables the restoration of operations as quickly and efficiently as possible following an IT failure or other disaster.

At Innov8 we implement a range of DR solutions tailored to specific business requirements. Each business is unique and operates in a different way and any disaster recovery solution therefore must reflect this.


What is Disaster Recovery?

Essentially, a disaster recovery strategy enables the restoration of operations as quickly and efficiently as possible following an IT failure or other disaster.

A complete hardware failure or other type of disaster is not as uncommon as many people think, common causes include: viruses, security breaches, software issues, hardware failure, data corruption, fire, flood, power outages, sabotage or theft. Mitigating against these threats is an obvious starting point, but to be 100% certain that you are doing everything to protect the business a DR plan is needed.


Virtualisation & Disaster Recovery

DR solutions make excellent use of virtualisation technology. Virtualised environments enable you to run multiple virtual systems on one physical system. Consequently, you can take copies of your environment, back-up your data and then replicate this to a different location to protect your business.

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