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Innov8 Baas & DPaas


Businesses sometimes may find that they don’t require a full back-up or they want that little bit of extra peace of mind for critical data. Innov8 can provide a back-up solution that both SME’s and corporate businesses can utilise. With the need to make back-up simple, Innov8 now offer: BaaS (Back-up as a Service). BaaS regularly backs-up and secures your critical business data and protects it in an off-site cloud, so you can concentrate on running your business.


Users and industry observers agree: backup is broken. Users are expressing frustration at ever increasing costs for conventional solutions that no longer do what they’re supposed to do because they are overwhelmed by data growth rates. Backups are not getting done on time, recovery takes too long and users are driven to multiple solutions to solve specific problems as a consequence disaster recovery becomes complex and unreliable as costs continually rising.

What’s needed is a single unified data protection and back-up, a combination of hardware and software that resolves all of these issues, provided as a service, while delivering ease of use and cost savings, enter DPaaS.

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