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NetApp storage is some of the most innovative in the industry. Their storage systems and software help customers store, manage, protect, and retain one of their most precious  assets: their data, by enabling customers to do things they couldn’t do before at a speed they never thought possible. NetApp storage helps organisations to overcome business challenges such as:

  • Manage data growth and scalability
  • Improve business efficiency, performance and storage utilisation
  • Resolve back-up issues & improve disaster recovery
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Enable virtualisation

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As part of our qualitative approach, we want to ensure that any data storage solutions we provide are going to deliver real businesses benefits, which is why we have partnered with NetApp, like us an innovative company.

NetApp solutions still continue to change the way business data is stored and managed. As part of our portfolio of products NetApp compliments our Cisco and VMware knowledge, with the ExpressPod and FlexPod solutions. Such an understanding of various solutions ensures that we see the bigger picture of your infrastructure environment and not just the data storage aspect.

In 2012, Innov8 were nominated at the NetApp Partner Awards within our category as Partner of the Year. By continuing to work closely with NetApp and customers, our aim is to turn a nomination into an award.

NetApp data storage systems offer IT efficiency, business agility, and simplified management. NetApp storage is powerful, affordable and flexible allowing businesses to:

Start right with unified storage for SAN and NAS. Accelerate application performance and optimise storage costs.

Keep it simple with intuitive storage management tools that integrate with key business applications and virtualisation environments.

Grow smart protecting your storage investment, with cluster-ready upgrades using the same NetApp operating system and software tools.

Start right

Are you managing server and application sprawl on a budget? NetApp storage not only is affordable, but also provides a more powerful platform than other systems in its class:

  • “No compromise” unified storage systems starting at under $8,000
  • Ability to get more out of applications and improve storage efficiency with ultrafast flash using Flash Pool technology
  • Industry-leading efficiency features built in at no additional cost
  • Ability to use 50% less storage in virtual server environments— guaranteed*
Keep it simple

Free up your time, money, and people. You don’t need to be a storage expert to deploy and manage NetApp storage systems. NetApp storage offers a powerful range of technologies to help increase the efficiency of your storage administrators:

  • Rapidly deploy in just minutes using the new GUI-based System Setup utility
  • Manage using your Microsoft Management Console, minimising training costs
  • Automatically optimise whether data is stored on flash or disk for better performance and management simplicity
  • Gain tight integration with key business applications to enable administrators to manage 2 to 3 times more storage
  • Simplify scale-out with a two-node switchless cluster that requires no additional infrastructure investments
  • Slash administrative overhead by up to 60% by leveraging one common skill set for all NetApp products
Grow Smart

Protect your storage investment with systems that grow with your business needs:

  • Get a truly unified storage architecture
  • Expand to more nodes with clustered Data ONTAP quickly and easily without disruption as your needs grow
  • Seamlessly upgrade to other NetApp systems while using the same operating system and software tools
  • Get built-in investment protection with the ability to convert your system to an external disk shelf for upgrading to larger NetApp systems

NetApp storage technology is managed by the No.1 branded storage operating system…ONTAP.

Utilised more than any other storage operating system ONTAP enables businesses to be agile with no disruption to operations. With a single, feature-rich platform, you can easily scale-up your infrastructure without having to increase IT staff. As you grow ONTAP responds as the OS is used across the NetApp storage range, so there is no need to re-train and learn a new management tool.

FlexPod: Unified Datacentre Solution

NetApp has collaborated with Cisco and VMware to produce a unified datacentre architecture that will accelerate your transition to the Cloud with the pre-validated components that combine to produce a single, flexible architecture, that will increase efficiencies, and reduces risk.

FlexPod components include NetApp unified storage systems, Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) servers and Cisco Nexus switches, that operate with VMware’s vSphere server virtualisation platform.

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At Innov8 we offer a range of IT infrastructure solutions from a number of vendors. If you are not quite sure which solutions are right for you, explore our solutions or contact us to discuss your requirements with a specialist.

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The guarantee is simple. You will use half as much storage in virtual server and desktop environments compared to traditional storage when you use NetApp. Using storage efficiency technologies such as thin provisioning, de-duplication, RAID-DP, and Snapshoting mean that your storage environment will be reduced and this is guaranteed.

If you don’t use 50% less storage with NetApp then you will receive the additional capacity to meet the shortfall at no additional charge. It’s that simple.

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