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Deploy, customise and access in a way that works for you

Sage 200 Extra is easily configurable software and is designed to adapt to your existing business processes and terminology. By providing a suite of software to manage your financials, business data and customer management as standard, you simply then choose additional elements you want from a range of modules designed to meet your business needs.

Streamline your business processes

Within Sage 200 Extra you can mange multiple sites or companies as well as a single business, allowing you to create processes that flow across the entire system, saving time and reducing errors. The software also helps reduce complexity and improve time management as Sage 200 Extra brings everything you and your business needs together in one, ease to use, intuitive system. By improving the efficiency of your business Sage 200 quickly provides a speedy return on investment allowing you to identify future opportunities for business growth.

Get key business insight to help make critical decisions

Within Sage 200 Extra you can gain greater control over your business by making faster and better informed decisions using the powerful reporting functionality. Tailored reports, templates and workspaces keep you up to date with what’s happening in your business no matter where you are. Getting the right data to the right people is crucial in order to gain an accurate view of what’s going on and then utilise the analytical tools within Sage 200 Extra to make decisions and share business data widely across your organisation.


Available: Online, On-Premise & Subscription

The Workspaces module enables you to bring information from across the system into one easy to view, dynamic workspace.

Sage 200 Extra workspaces bring key information together on one screen

  • Workspaces give different people across your organisation relevant information quickly
  • Easily customisable – configurable to different job roles
  • Very simple to navigate – quickly and easily drill down from top level to more detailed information

To customise workspaces, users can:

  • Add and remove data fields
  • Quickly filter and sort information using advanced filters that can be saved and shared with other users
  • Save time as forms can be automatically filled with details of the item selected on the workspaces
  • Print workspaces data and related reports
  • Change the layout and content of the workspaces using the Workspace Designer
  • Access data from external sources alongside your Sage 200 Extra data, from one screen

Available: Online, On-Premise & Subscription

The Financials module enables you to manage the financial position of your company at any point in time.

The Financials module provides:

  • Accurate and up to the minute finances
  • Flexible accounting periods
  • Flexible nominal code structure – in depth analysis and reporting
  • Batch data upload – place transactions on hold for authorisation before committing them to the Nominal Ledger
  • Choose VAT inclusive or exclusive prices
  • Save time with automated statements, standing orders and direct debits
  • Store unlimited customer and supplier contact details
  • Detailed reporting
  • Manage your cash flow
  • Save time and eliminate rekeying by reconciling bank statements alongside your banking software
  • See your balances at a glance
  • Advanced multi-currency options
  • Understand how changes impact your cash flow

Analyse historical trends and data to give you the accurate information you need to make critical business decisions.


Available: Online, On-Premise & Subscription

The Commercials  module enables you to confidently manage your supply chain and sales orders.

Sage 200 Extra is designed to help you manage every element of your supply chain – from quotations, to price books; receiving and delivering goods, together with a sophisticated stock management system that’s fully linked to your financial data, making sure you always receive and pay for the right goods.

  • See the full story of an order
  • Make sure business doesn’t stop without you by applying authorisation limits and alerts
  • Compile order lists based on purchase orders
  • Calculate a running total when you’re matching invoice line items to orders
  • Record disputes
  • Managing your stock
  • Managing your sales orders

From raising a quotation or order to checking stock, delivering goods and raising invoices, Sage 200 Extra gives you complete control of your entire sales order process. Automatically produce all the documents you need including delivery notes, invoices, picking lists and acknowledgements as part of the process too.

  • Rapid order entry
  • Flexible ordering options
  • Manage discounts and margins
  • Match stock to your customers’ needs
  • Work with stock and sales
  • Manage multiple currencies and exchange rates
  • Create new accounts and quotes easily
  • Support simple or complex pricing
  • Maintain profit
Project Accounting

Available: Online, On-Premise & Subscription

The Project Accounting module enables you to mange every detail of your projects, control costs and maximise returns.

Improve customer satisfaction with accurate bills delivered by capturing and allocating projects costs, overheads and revenues. Collect timesheet and expenses information online from anywhere, saving time and ensuring accurate payments.

Understand the income and expenditure of each project, Sage 200 Extra supports your decision making, giving you the information you need to improve profitability.

Gain a single view of your projects, make the most of your time by tracking multiple projects based on time and materials, fixed price contracts or a combination of both. Fully customisable, Sage 200 Extra works the way your business does.

  • Give project managers control by allowing them to raise and authorise purchase orders
  • Set up project structures that suit the way your business works with unlimited parent and sub projects
  • Name and configure fields to match your business needs
  • Add an unlimited number of additional fields and define their function
  • Get the right information to the right people with workspaces designed for different users
  • Integrate project accounting with accounts, sales and purchase order processing, and payroll
  • Drive accurate and flexible billing
  • Flexible billing schedules that can differ by project and by customer, showing when a customer should be invoiced and for how much
  • Simple to use templates that simplify billing management
  • Manual or automatic bill production to save time and effort
  • A detailed breakdown of all project costs, so project managers can check for accuracy, reducing the risk of complaints and encourage prompt payment
Web Time & Expenses (WTE)

Available: Online, On-Premise & Subscription

The Web Timesheets and Expenses (WTE) module is linked to the Sage 200 Extra Project Accounting module and allows users to enter their timesheet and expense claims remotely using a web browser.

  • Users can enter their time and expenses remotely via a web interface The entries will then be synchronised back into the Project Accounting module for approval and inclusion into a project
  • Entries can be made over an intranet, or securely via the web, resulting in cost-effective time and expense recording
  • Enables your people to enter Time and Expenses only, so you won’t need to licence them as full Sage 200 Extra users
  • Only the people who process the timesheets and authorises expenses need to have Sage 200 Extra on their PC

Sage 200 Extra Web Time and Expenses gives you the flexibility to track your time and expenses the way you do business. It’s easy and quick to use, so you can start tracking your time and expenses immediately. Add as many users as you like to the WTE module, if you need to add different people, no problem – either substitute them for existing named people no longer using the system, or add new users.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Available: Online, On-Premise & Subscription

The Bill of Materials (BOM) modules is ideal for businesses that are involved in light assembly and that don’t need the full Manufacturing module.

Bill of Materials helps break down complex processes and can split your business up into distinct areas including machines, operations, materials and labour with the ability to report by area.

Improve BOM production and efficiency

  • Store and use multiple versions of a BOM, including full version control and audit trail capability
  • Track costs over time
  • Flexible options to ensure you stay in control
  • Use different options for set sub-assembly builds, builds from stock or a combination with multiple units of measure
  • Easy production of picking lists at any point in time
  • Maintain control of stock and goods
  • Accurate costs for each unit or build run
  • Full batch and serial number traceability

Easily manage repetitive batch item production

  • Specify structures for different sub-assemblies and components using lists, including ability to specify raw materials, components and processes for that BOM
  • Use in a range of different applications: apply materials, labour, machine, tooling, sub-contract and piece work costs
  • Easily estimate production capabilities, using the trial kitting tool to check whether you have sufficient stock to build the BOMs required

If you are using Bill of Materials with Manufacturing, you can create works and sales orders as well as add the BOM to the list to make stock items. You can also allocate and reserve stock to build finished items by creating BOM allocations or by building immediately.

At Innov8 we offer a full range of Sage products, add-on’s and we can also bespoke your software. If you don’t think Sage 200 Extra is right for you take a look the Sage solutions available or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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