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Enabling you to target prospects and build strong relationships with customers, Sage CRM supports effective marketing campaigns, manages sales and helps improve customer service. Both easy to use and fast to set-up, it can be tailored to match your individual business needs. Operated from a web interface, CRM allows you to access vital customer information wherever you are in the world. CRM also provides your people with the data and processes they need to work effectively, save time with personalised automated workflows.


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CRM allows your staff to share vital business information, specify which individuals can access information and processes they need relevant to their role. By sharing information and speeding up workflows the possibility of errors is reduced. CRM also allows you to display a dashboard of information in real-time, eliminating the need to switch screens and therefore improving productivity. CRM additionally provide your people with detailed contact and account information and sophisticated information management tools with integration into popular applications like Microsoft Outlook.


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Sage CRM can access data from other solutions you may be using. This helps you to be consistent with everyone you interact with. Information can come from within the CRM software, from external websites or from integrated systems such as Microsoft Outlook, Sage 200 and more. Additional customisation lets you integrate web services such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Hoovers, for a richer, more personal view of information.


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Sage CRM is highly flexible, and can be easily configured and customised to meet your specific business requirements. Predefined reports and templates will meet the majority of your needs, so that you can quickly begin to benefit from your new software, however a highly configurable report designer lets you create reports and documents that match your exact needs. CRM drives more sales with effective marketing communications and e-marketing campaigns, sales process automation, lead management and reporting.


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Sage CRM helps you make strategic decisions about your business. You can identify and categorise your most profitable customers, understand their priorities and how much they cost you to sell to and to keep. With CRM protect margins, reduce cost of sale, customer attrition and administration costs, while also eliminating process bottlenecks making your entire business more productive and profitable. CRM will eliminate the duplication of information and ensure that it is stored in a secure manner. With Sage CRM you can increase awareness of your customers needs across your business and identify areas to improve.



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The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules enables you to manage more profitable relationships within your business.

Sage 200 offers a customer relationship management module that can help you to manage your customer and supplier relationships, as well as offer the highest quality of service and support.

And because it works together with your accounting and business processes, you get an informed view of the customer, helping you deliver joined-up customer service throughout the whole of your business.

  • Build strong customer relationships
  • Manage customer services with a single customer view
  • Find the answers quickly by building a central knowledge bank containing answers to known issues or questions
  • Monitor customer service performance

No matter how, when or where your customers, partners and prospects interact with your business, Sage 200 helps you manage these important relationships easily and intuitively.[space][/toggle]

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Empower your sales teams and increase conversion

  • Help your sales team achieve targets with tools to create, track and monitor leads and pipeline
  • Automated workflow and pipeline management tools, ensure opportunities are quickly progressed
  • Free your sales people up to focus on selling with instant access to the information they need
  • Allocate leads to the sales people best qualified to win the deal based on their skills and knowledge or territory[space][/toggle]

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Optimise your marketing activity

  • Get the right message to the right people at the right time and plan, execute and measure targeted campaigns
  • Manage all your customer details including transaction history, multiple contact details and phone numbers
  • Use customer insights to help you retain customers
  • Easily create e-marketing campaigns with a range of templates to get you started



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At Innov8 we offer a full range of Sage products, add-on’s and we can also bespoke your software. If you don’t think Sage 200 is right for you take a look the Sage solutions available or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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