At Innov8 our commitment to ensuring your solution is best utilised by your business is underpinned by the professional services that we provide. Our pre-sales, implementation and after-sales services mean that you have access to expert help and assistance via our account managers, projects team and dedicated support Helpdesk at the vital times, right when you need it most.

With a wealth of experience and specialities our team are there to help from start to finish, from facilitating the initial design of a solution through to the implementation and ongoing support for your business.

Each member of our team works in a consultative approach, meaning that we will gain a deep understanding of your business and IT requirements.


Businesses sometimes may find that they don’t require a full back-up or they want that little bit of extra peace of mind for critical data. Innov8 can provide a back-up solution that both SME’s and corporate businesses can utilise. With the need to make back-up simple, Innov8 now offer: BaaS (Back-up as a Service). BaaS regularly backs-up and secures your critical business data and protects it in an off-site cloud, so you can concentrate on running your business.

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Users and industry observers agree: backup is broken. Users are expressing frustration at ever increasing costs for conventional solutions that no longer do what they’re supposed to do because they are overwhelmed by data growth rates. Backups are not getting done on time, recovery takes too long and users are driven to multiple solutions to solve specific problems as a consequence disaster recovery becomes complex and unreliable as costs continually rising.

What’s needed is a single unified data protection and back-up, a combination of hardware and software that resolves all of these issues, provided as a service, while delivering ease of use and cost savings, enter DPaaS.

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Traditional IT support operates on a break/fix model, at Innov8 we have invested in moving away from traditional methods of support which focus on fixing issues once they have occurred. As part of our Premier Support we offer a different solution, pro-actively monitoring your IT systems to detect issues before they become a problem; our main focus is system uptime and business continuity.

With Premier Support if you do detect an issue, our in-house Helpdesk is available for you to call and our expert team will work to resolve your case until you are satisfied with the solution. In addition to this you can access Knowledgebase articles as well as log, track and close a support case via our Customer Portal. In extreme cases we also have the ability to deploy an engineer or analyst to site, ensuring that we are there for you, when you need us the most.


Premier Plus

In addition to all the benefits of the Premier support service, with Premier Plus you are entitled to a variety of additional services that enable you to get more value out of your relationship with us.

Sage Support

New to Sage or looking for a new Sage support provider? Being a Sage Business Partner offering a complete range of Sage solutions, we are well equipped to support your Sage solution.

With an Innov8’s support contract, you have access to our internal support Helpdesk who can assist you with any issues you may encounter with your Sage solution. All support customers have access to our Customer Web Portal and Knowledgebase articles. As part of our Sage support service you automatically have access to regular software updates and we will manage your Sage Annual Licence Plan (SALP).

Software Consultancy

If you are unsure what your business requirements are, just ask. Our analysts have real world experience of business and a wealth of software knowledge to help you decide the right solution for you. From early on in the pre-sales process right through the implementation to go-live, they are available to give advice or answer any questions you may have.

Hardware Consultancy

Our Technical Team are not here to convince you to buy the latest great thing in the world of technology. They have a vested interest in ensuring your IT infrastructure delivers exactly what your business requires. Technically qualified and vastly experienced, we can design entire business systems from the ground up, migrate you from your existing legacy platforms onto current standards or enhance your existing environment with some of the many products or solutions available in our portfolio. From early on in the design phase, right through to go-live, they are available to give technical advice or answer any questions you may have.

Why Choose Innov8

In every conversation that you have with an Innov8 Technology employee, not only are you speaking to an expert in their particular field, but fundamentally we have your needs as a customer and a business in mind; We want you to maximise the investment you make in IT and get value from our relationship.

As providers of cloud, infrastructure and software solutions we have an understanding of the intrinsic relationship that exists between the different IT layers. When you use Innov8 you are not just buying component parts of a solution, we consider the impact on users, hardware performance and the impact on your business as a whole.

Why Bespoke

We understand that your business is unique, unfortunately most software systems would like you not to be, that is why we offer a customisation service. This means that your new system can meet your specific needs, bringing improved and precise business processes, rather than having to live with the constraints of standard software.

Why Choose Innov8

Our developers can fully customise your solution so that it can function in a way unique to your business, whether this is incorporating an add-on to a bit of existing functionality or creating a bespoke process altogether.

With such additional enhancements being possible, you can take the running of your business to another level.

What is Project Management

Project Management is the discipline of planning, organising, and coordinating resources to achieve a pre-determined outcome. IT project management focuses upon ensuring that the implementation of new infrastructure or software is professionally executed on time, on budget, so that your organisation can begin benefiting from your investment as soon as possible.

Why Choose Innov8

Our experienced project management team’s number one aim is to ensure that your chosen solution is successfully implemented. The knowledge and experience the projects team have make sure that the delivery of a solution is on time and budget.

We will carefully coordinate each step with you from the initial planning, right through to organising and confirming training days, liaise with key contacts within your organisation, ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with the approach to the implementation of your new solution.

What are Managed Services

All organisations are under pressure to manage costs, minimise risks and maintain industry and legal compliance. They must also meet customer demand, improve competitiveness and grow profitability. Adding IT to the mix can certainly aid in achieving corporate goals but it is yet another thing to manage.

Businesses therefore frequently seek the help of a specialist IT partner who understands modern business systems and can assist with maintaining and managing IT on their behalf.

Why Choose Innov8

At Innov8 we offer a totally flexible Managed Service, you can pick and choose which elements of your IT you wish us to take-care of or alternatively we can look after your entire IT system.

By utilising the latest managed service technology we can monitor and ensure that your IT is performing exactly how it should be, working to SLA’s we can maintain business up-time and protect your IT provision. With a range of IT solutions available, we offer flexible answers to everyday IT issues, delivering real business value to your organisation.


If you have implemented a new solution, changed or added users, they will require training in order to maximise your business investment. Alternatively training can supplement personnel development and ensure that regular users are using the software to its full potential. At Innov8 we encourage you to think about the skills people need to be more productive in their jobs.

Why Choose Innov8

When you take training with Innov8 you have the flexibility to organise the training you want, when you want it and where. We offer a unique range of flexible training so you can tailor content of sessions to meet your needs. Our training is designed to be informative, practical and interesting as well as precise to minimise time away from day-to-day responsibilities. With the option to break the training up into segments spread out over a period of time, you can phase the learning, or alternatively if your staff need training quickly, we can arrange for training to run over consecutive days.

Finally all our training is conducted by product experts to ensure that you receive the best possible exposure to their full knowledge and experience.

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