If you have implemented a new solution, changed or added users, they will require training in order to maximise your business investment. Alternatively training can supplement personnel development and ensure that regular users are using the software to its full potential. At Innov8 we encourage you to think about the skills people need to be more productive in their jobs.

Why Choose Innov8 ?

When you take training with Innov8 you have the flexibility to organise the training you want, when you want it and where. We offer a unique range of flexible training so you can tailor content of sessions to meet your needs. Our training is designed to be informative, practical and interesting as well as precise to minimise time away from day-to-day responsibilities. With the option to break the training up into segments spread out over a period of time, you can phase the learning, or alternatively if your staff need training quickly, we can arrange for training to run over consecutive days.

Finally all our training is conducted by product experts to ensure that you receive the best possible exposure to their full knowledge and experience.

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