Remove Manual Processes And Drive Efficiency Through Innovative Warehouse Management Solutions, With Innov8 & Sage.

With customer forecasting suggesting that the number of shops will increase alongside the number of orders customers will place, it is as imperative as ever to scrutinise your organisation’s operations and ensure future-proof process.

Enter Innov8 & Sage. For over 20 years we have worked together helping organisations to grow by providing our customers with exclusive warehouse management solutions to rise to the challenges of warehouse and distribution in 2020 and beyond.

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As a long-standing Sage Business and Development Partner, we are proud at Innov8 to have been upgraded to achieve Platinum status, putting us not only in the top 5 partners in the UK, but also giving us the opportunity to work with some great organisations.

“Our Sage solution provided us with the platform we so desperately were seeking in order to enable further business growth and without the expertise from Innov8, I don’t think this would have been possible” From a happy user.

With over 20 years of experience, we have spent lots of time identifying the most recent problem that warehouses and distribution centres face, and from this, we have developed our automated warehouse management solution. Find out more about what we do...

Maximise storage utilisation

To achieve warehouse storage optimisation, the sequence of actions should run like a well-oiled machine right from the outset of parts or goods being ordered for delivered into the warehouse to the moment they leave for delivery.

At the beginning of this sequence, our solutions consider how to optimise your output by linking finance and operations, then strategically assisting the goods-in and put-away process.

We also consider warehouse user & end-customer behaviour, utilising your racking space to best lay away products based on how likely to be picked they are. By placing popular picking items in an easily accessible place, the time spent travelling between picks will be reduced; therefore saving time and increasing picking efficiency.

In fact, our customers on average report a 25% increase in warehouse optimisation - so we are confident our solutions improve processes, across a spectrum of industries and organisations of all different sizes and scales.

Perpetual stock control

One of the most prominent issues faced in warehouse management is having an accurate idea of stock. Stock count is often vulnerable to inaccuracies which are mostly caused by human error. By automating the process, stock count is less vulnerable to human error and therefore a more realistic vision of stock is available any time, on any device.

To enhance this further the ability to perform ad-hoc stock takes perpetually provides 360 degree visibility through the lifecycle of your inventory means you know the total value of your stock minute by minute.

Boost replenishment efficiency

There is a very good chance that you will know the dangers of the fine line between overstocking and understocking. Overstocking can cost organisations thousands of pounds every year, and it is not an uncommon occurrence for stock in good condition to wasted due to stock replenishing inaccuracies.

Understocking can also be detrimental to an organisation, causing carnage to pickers and customers who do not receive their products.

We use automated technology to supply an accurate representation of stock position to help you balance stock levels and forecast future intake. Our technology can do this for you, to the point of alerting you when existing inventory reaches a minimum threshold - ensuring constant and reliable stock levels to pick from.

Reduce stock wastage and damage

Warehouses and distribution centres often come under fire for the large amount of waste that they produce. Whilst most of this waste is recyclable and cannot be helped such as waste produced through packaging, a significant problem for warehouses, wholesalers and distributors is becoming more eco-friendly is the disposal of spoilt or unsold stock.

In particular, it is common to see a large amount of out of date stock disregarded as waste, mostly due to poor stock management. Within our solution we focus on best before dates and sell-buy date management to reduce stock wastage, directing pickers to the stock with the soonest expiry date.

Finally damaged stock. It's a fact of life that some inventory will be damaged, but limiting this is crucial. A pragmatic way to overcome this is defined pick routes and the types of pick operation available - innware offers 4 different pick operations: pallet/bulk, consolidated, wave & piece. The trade off for damage limitation, doesn't necessarily have to be efficency, by simply finding a smarter way to operate.

Courier integration

There is often lots of room for improvement for efficiency in warehouses and distribution centres, and this includes the sharing of information. In particular with your chosen courier service or even with your own distribution channel.

We work to capture and electronically pass information from your warehouse operation in a simplified, streamlined process through to your customer fulfilment - which reduces errors, duplication and saves time for you and your partners.

Still need more information?

We are incredibly proud of the business that we work with, and over the years and right across different solutions we have hundreds of successful implementations.

Right now, our technology manages many thousands of stock movements each day. Regardless of whether our customers’ organisations are big or small, we continue to help them meet the changing challenges of modern warehousing and distribution.

Clients have reported:

  • An appoximate £300k reduction in stock-holdings thanks to our innware WMS technology.
  • An average of 285 working days gained per annum, with innware efficiencies.
  • 2x better stock insight.
  • Average picking optimisation increased by ~25% in the organisations that we work with.

You have see some of the future-proof improvements you can make, to maximise efficiency in your operations. For a more in-depth look, book a call with us today.

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