In late May we issued a whitepaper outlining some best practices for the return to work process and the future. Now that it seems like a return is edging nearer, we thought it best to evaluate the playbook. In part 1 of our 2 part blog, we'll look at return to business and in part 2 later this week, we'll look at future-proofing.

If you haven't seen the full whitepaper you can download a copy here.

Return to business

Shifting a workforce back after several weeks of isolated working, will not be particularly easy to implement. Many have experienced this already with reduced capacity in the workplace. Whilst the desire to have the workforce back to the status quo is a simple concept, the situation will need careful consideration and also a personal touch.

Our advice:

  • Think practical - who needs to be physically present and who perhaps can continue to work remotely, or perhaps come in on alternative days.
  • Reassure - communicate and demonstrate reassurance. For example we have procured and provided full PPE packs for our team both office-based staff and anyone who needs to attend a customer site.
  • Be human - times are challenging and employers can support their teams.

Also crucially effectively communicate! Internally and externally as/when appropriate. 


"Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity."


Leverage the opportunity

Across the UK millions of people who spend a significant amount of time commuting, have discovered that they can do the same job from home and therefore the opportunity to leverage flexible working practices has become more prevalent than ever before.

Also some businesses are now operating in ways they never did before, running more complex delivery/distribution and direct fulfilment operations, as customers change buying habits. 


  • How well are you prepared for flexible/remote working - on a long term basis.
  • How can you enhance the remote working experience, and support staff holistically.
  • What gaps do you need to identify and fill - technologies such as Citrix/RDS, Microsoft 365 will help bridge the gap.
  • For logistics operations innvan and innware will technologically assist.
mind the gap

You can get the full insight in the whitepaper, as well as access some free resources within (download here).

So, whether your organisation is re-building from a quiet period, or you have found new ways to operate, the team at Innov8 is here to help you plan for your businesses future.

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