In late May we issued a whitepaper outlining some best practices for the return to work process and the future. Now that it seems like a return is edging nearer, we thought it best to evaluate the playbook. In part 2 of our 2 part blog, we'll look at at future-proofing. You can find part 1 - Return to business here.

If you haven't seen the full whitepaper you can download a copy here.

Future Proofing

Looking beyond and ensuring that your organisation is resilient (technologically speaking) is proving even more important than ever. IT practices such as business continuity, disaster recovery (DR) and failover, especially for a remote workforce may need a slight re-think.

Accounting for all your ‘what-if’ scenarios, some basic virtual server technology can begin to assist your operations ensuring up-time, as well as support performance.

You'll also need to consider your data back-ups (which can be automated to the cloud - no more swapping disks) and if data loss is a concern, replication ensures that your live environment can failover and be re-established quickly.

Finally when future-proofing your business technology, consider you security. Cyber Essentials as a standard is a great starting point. Plus a Cloud Based Anti-Virus should certainly be considered, amongst additional security options.


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You can get the full insight in the whitepaper, as well as access some free resources within (download here).

So, whether your organisation is re-building from a quiet period, or you have found new ways to operate, the team at Innov8 is here to help you plan for your businesses future.

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