Having started out in 1997, Innov8 Technology has seen many changes, we started out when MIB was hitting the cinemas and the 1st Harry Potter book was released. 25 years ago, Steve Jobs returned to Apple and even Man United won the league!

Innov8 25 Years

Oh how times have changed and technology too! Recall the 3.5" Floppy Disk, CRT monitors and dial-up internet? Well, all that was the norm when we were a fledgling business.

This year we are celebrating 25 Years of Innov8 and this week we took time to recognise our longest-serving colleagues.

Innov8 25 Years


Thank You and Congratulations on 20+ Years to:

Carl Maher (25 years)
Laura Westmoreland (24 years)
Paul Cook (22 years)
Steve Norbury (22 years)
Phil Wynn (22 years)
Joanna Cockerham (20 years)
Kevin Dorkings (20 years)
Nick Peel (20 years)

Thank You and Congratulations on 10+ Years to:

Darren Codling (17 years)
Chris Easey (17 years)
Tony Samworth (17 years)
Rick Shepherdson ​​​​​(16 years)
Tara Daniels (14 years)
Jonathan Robertson (13 years)
Jenny Denson (10 years)
Jo-Anna Hunter (10 years)


Our Longest Serving Colleagues


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