We thought it best to outline the advice Technical Manager, Phil Wynn collated for our recent customer email.


Citrix / RDS image

Citrix / RDS:

If you have already invested in RDS/Citrix you may already have enough licenses/resource to support remote working. However, simply increasing the licenses to allow all staff to work remotely may impact the physical resources on the server, please check with us if you need to investigate this further.



Using Office365 will leave you well placed to be able to work remotely with the addition of Teams/SharePoint and OneDrive. All that is required for remote working is an internet connection.

Even an on-premise Exchange server can enable access to emails remotely and combining this with another solution can re-create an office work station.



The VPN option: Whilst a VPN may work for some use cases, it won't allow for remote working on its own, specifically for Sage 200. Sage 200 requires a remote desktop solution as a VPN isn't supported natively.

It would however be possible to access a work PC via RDS (remote desktop services), if a VPN was deployed.

 Remote Access

Remote Access:

LogMeIn, GoToMyPC or TeamViewer. If there is an immediate and interim requirement the quickest, practical solution for many would be to deploy a remote access solution. Please contact us to discuss which option is best for you.


Telephone Systems:

If you have a cloud telephony solution, it's fairly straight-forward to set this up to work remotely. Simply speak to your provider about a soft-phone option. If you are using a traditional PBX system, the business continuity option would be to set-up call forwarding.

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