Updated: 16.03.2020

In a continually developing situation, it's fair to say that Coronavirus has us all talking!

Increasingly more people are being diagnosed in the UK, with many more in 'self-isolation', the official advice is still business as usual (BAU), but have you asked the question of your business: how prepared are you?

The government has announced contingency plans, including sending staff away from the workplace, to work from home and already some workplaces are having to support employees who are in 'self-isolation' to work remotely. Whilst business as usual is the advise, many organisations are looking at their business continuity/disaster recovery (DR) plans to ensure that they can function without a hiccup.

Technology as the enabler

As a provider of technology solutions to business problems, we have already been asked the question about supporting remote workers as a result of Coronavirus. Clearly some job's aren't feasible to perform remotely, for example manufacturing, whereas others are perfectly well-suited, with work being a thing you do, not a place you go!

Office 365, remote desktop working, IP phone systems and more basically a VPN connection, means that as long as end-users have a reliable internet connection, they can access critical business systems and work as if they were at their desk in the office.

And fortunately, the trend over the latest decade has seen this technology be more widely accessible and deployed, with many businesses having already investing in the above technologies, for the technology benefits, increased productivity and cost-savings.

That said, there are many SME's that will not be fully invested to remote working practices and therefore unprepared if the advice is issued to send people home. Therefore if you at least want some reassurance or some professional IT advice, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team.

With the technology available to assist your business operations and some solutions that can quickly and easily be deployed, as the scout motto goes: be prepared.

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