Ensuring employee well-being has never been more important! Almost everyone is now working independently, away from their usual work-place and not seeing colleagues - many would call friends.

Over the past week we have come across 2 organisations who are doing a great job in these strange times so wanted to take 5 minutes to highlight them...

Hands That Heal (HTH)

Hands That Heal work with people of all ages to stay free from pain and move freely living the life they deserve. And they are ready and primed to help look after you and your staff - all online!

As well as helping people properly set up their workstation, sending hints and tips to stay productive and motivated whilst working from home, HTH also has online pilates, stretch and roll classes and injury prevention classes you can join to keep mobile, supple and pain-free - whilst also being part of a larger community, helping to keep everyone connected.

So if you want to take advantage of the support on offer, please contact Lisaw@hth.clinic

Finally, if you have access to a company healthcare scheme, virtual 1-2-1 physio sessions are available for any issues you may have. All major healthcare scheme providers are allowing these, such as BUPA, AXA, WPA etc.

Mental Health in Business (MHIB)

MHIB help businesses to take care of the mental health of their employees. From mental health first aid through to more generic support.

If you are you concerned about the impact of isolation/home working and lockdown starting 14th April MHIB are launching: ‘Working Together: Staying Connected’ – a FREE online programme.

The sessions range from 10-60 minutes, including virtual coffee breaks and lunches, and virtual mindfulness and breath work sessions - to help you and your team stay connected and to support their mental wellbeing during these extraordinary times.

If you would like to make these sessions available to your team – at no cost, please register online at: www.mhib.co.uk/connect

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