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In the world of field sales, where the open road is your office, managing stock on vans comes with its own set of challenges. Picture this: you have a team of dynamic sales reps crisscrossing neighbourhoods, taking orders, and making deliveries. Traditional inventory management struggles to keep up with this constant motion, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. 

Enter innvan, Innov8’s very own solution tailored for businesses like yours. Let's explore how this on-the-go inventory mastery can transform and enhance your field sales operations.

The Daily Challenge: 

Imagine your sales reps out on the road, each managing their inventory while serving different customers. Stock levels fluctuate, and keeping track of it all in real-time seems like a puzzle. This is where innvan steps in, intelligently managing individual operators' stock and the entire teams simultaneously. At the end of the day, you get an accurate stock position, preventing stockouts and optimising space in your mobile stockroom. 

The Scenario: 

Laura is one of your sales reps, and visits multiple customers in a day. With innvan, she effortlessly tracks her sales and manages her stock on-the-go. Back at headquarters, the manager sees a real-time update of stock levels and can plan for restocking before issues arise. 

Ensuring Accuracy Amidst Motion: 

With innvan, accuracy is not compromised, even when your inventory is constantly on the move. Real-time tracking and GPS technology allow you to know exactly where your stock on vans is located. This not only prevents losses but also gives your sales teams the confidence to provide customers with up-to-date information, building trust and loyalty. 

The Scenario: 

John, another sales rep, receives a last-minute order from a customer. Using innvan, he checks the inventory levels on his van in real-time, confirms the availability of the product, and assures the customer of a timely delivery. 

Personalised Benefits for Your Business: 

Let's dive into the personalized benefits that innvan brings to your field sales operation: 

Scalability: Whether you have a single van or an entire fleet, innvan grows with your business, ensuring efficiency as you expand. 

Pricing and Promotions: Configure pricing and promotions on the go, tailoring offers to maximize customer spending while maintaining fair value. 

Flexibility in Returns and Catalogue: Manage returns seamlessly, showcase products through a digital catalogue, and adapt innvan to your specific business needs. 

Optimized Business Process: Whether your sales follow structured routes or involve ad-hoc visits, innvan caters to your unique business processes. 

Proof of Delivery and Printing: Capture proof of delivery effortlessly and print necessary documents, ensuring a smooth customer experience. 

Effective Driver Communication and Vehicle Checks: Stay connected with your team, send messages, and ensure their safety with pre-defined vehicle safety checks. 

Insightful Reporting: Beyond functionality, access specialized business insights with innvan's reports, dashboards, and management tools. 

Innvan isn't just a solution; it's your companion on the road to simplified and efficient field sales. It empowers your team, ensures accuracy, and provides the flexibility needed in the dynamic world of mobile sales. Picture a future where your field sales operation runs smoothly, and let innvan be the driving force behind that vision - get in touch today.

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