Desktop Virtualisation

At Innov8 we have over 26 years of experience in delivering desktop & application virtualisation, as well as mobility solutions to companies throughout the UK. Due to our application & software development heritage, we are ideally positioned to provide a solution that addresses not just your business and IT requirements, but also takes into account the importance of the end user experience.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions are an absolute must for any business that relies upon IT to successfully operate. Essentially, a disaster recovery strategy enables the restoration of operations as quickly and efficiently as possible following an IT failure or other disaster.


At Innov8 we have a proven track record of implementing mobility solutions to SME’s and the corporate world alike. Providing the knowledge and foundation for businesses to operate in a variety of remote environments.

Data Protection & Security

At Innov8 we take an all encompassing approach to security by having solutions within our portfolio that offer resiliency and security individually. Whether used individually or combined together in a complete solution.

Server Virtualisation

Innov8 partnered with the originators of server virtualisation, and use the VMware hypervisor which can be used on multiple server platforms. However in order to benefit fully from server virtualisation, Innov8 have also partnered with Cisco, IBM and HP to provide powerful scalable servers.

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