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Mobile and remote working is transforming how people work, reimagine the employee experience with a smarter, more flexible way to work

Remove barriers to work

The longer it takes to access apps and data, the more frustration sets in. Ensure employees get everything they need, no matter where they work or how many times they switch from one device to another. With the same consistent experience across all devices, keeping the creativity flowing from conference rooms to coffee shops.

Provide the power of choice

Employees today want the freedom to use their own devices. And now, you can let them use any smartphone, tablet or other wireless device without worry. Simply set your controls and user access will automatically change based on where employees go, what they do and which networks they’re accessing. It really can be as simple and easy as that.

Secure access from anywhere

Traditional VPN solutions no longer apply in a world where access is desired from both managed, unmanaged and 'bring your own' devices. You need a better way to protect corporate data - one that matches current complexities of the modern work environment. That’s where a strong VPN alternative comes in.

Control access to apps and files across all devices. Your company data will remain safe no matter where it is accessed - on owned infrastructure, in the cloud or on smartphones themselves.

With warnings that come early and often, you’ll always be prepared to spot potential problems long before they spiral into serious security issues.

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