Mobile operating systems on smart phones and tablets are invading the workplace at break-neck speed. The practice of ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) and issuing ‘company owned, personally enabled’ (COPE) devices only adds to the mix. Mobility is a challenge for IT and often it is business executives driving the need to have a policy. Offering such working practices through mobility solutions is a fantastic way to increase productivity as well as employee loyalty.

One important consideration is managing and securing any mobile device that is connecting to a company network, a device must be approved and the data must be secure, especially if any corporate applications are being run on it. Maintaining the balance between freedom and control is crucial and something that we think is actually quite straight-forward to achieve with the right knowledge.

At Innov8 we have a proven track record of implementing mobility solutions to SME’s and the corporate world alike. Providing the knowledge and foundation for businesses to operate in a variety of remote environments.

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