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Empower your sales and delivery team to ensure customer orders are maximised and fulfilled in the most efficient and professional way possible. Innvan provides a flexible yet structured method to drive your remote business operations whilst reducing paperwork, increasing accuracy and helping you manage your business. 


Innvan is the flexible mobile sales/route accounting solution designed to grow your business. Capable of running entirely independently or integrated with your choice of ERP application (integration to Sage software available as standard), innvan utilises the latest handset technology to give you ultimate remote stock control. 

From small start up businesses to large fleets of field sales operatives, the solution will display your catalogue of products, take customer orders, accommodate pricing promotions, show accurate stock levels and much more.

Key Benefits

Field sales

  • If you have a field sales operation, sell via route accounting or even simply door-to-door, innvan is the perfect way to manage your mobile sales. Whether you want to take instant payments or work via sales on account, innvan will provide your team with the tools they need.
  • Also utilising the latest handset technology the handset application is device agnostic so you can choose your device(s) to suit the work environment and budget.

Empowering stock control

  • One of the biggest challenges of a remote sales operation is managing stock. With multiple sales personnel visiting different customers stock is constantly fluctuating. Innvan stock control is intelligent enough to manage individually each operators stock and the whole team’s simultaneously, so at the end of the day an accurate stock position can be identified.

Real time

  • Operating in an online mode, means real-time. So, when an order or stock-change is made, it is recorded live in the back-office. If the operator is not able to connect to the internet, transactions are stored and updated when a connection is available.

Key Benefits


  • From single vans to entire nationwide fleets, innvan is utilised to provide businesses of all sizes the functionality they desire to run an efficient operation, scaling with you as your organisation grows. 

Pricing and promotions

  • With a wide-range of product types (individual, packs, cases, etc) available, complex pricing can be configured alongside a variety of price-promotion options so you can increase customer spend whilst delivering fair value.


  • The mobile operator can also action returns and condition dependant either action them back into stock to re-sell or quarantine the stock to be dealt with subsequently. This additionally assists the customer relationship and the associated cost of returns is lowered.

Rich digital catalogue

  • If you require a full image-rich digital product catalogue, or just a simple product list – innvan can flex to suit your needs. This enables you to showcase your products, supplementary information whilst taking orders quickly to maximise your sales.

Key Benefits

Business Process

  • If you require the structure of routes and journeys, as well as the flexibility of ad-hoc visits – innvan can cater for all your needs providing you with the business process and workflow to ensure your operations are as efficient as possible.

Proof of Delivery

  • Capturing a proof of delivery is crucial to acknowledge that goods have been received in a satisfactory manner and can positively aid customer service queries. Use the innvan application capture a proof of delivery signature and reduce delivery errors.


  • Whilst there’s aspiration for a paperless environment, printing is inevitable. Innvan has the ability to print remotely a range of customer documentation from invoices and statements to product information.  

Key Benefits

Driver comms

  • Staying in contact with your operators whilst they are out and about is challenging. They are driving, making customer calls and so are not easy to get hold of. With innvan you can message a specific individual, a group or the entire remote workforce from within the software. 

Vehicle checks

  • Ensuring that your team are fully equipped for their day is vital. Step 1 of this is a pre-defined vehicle safety check that operators can carry-out from within innvan. If the worst should happen, a full accident report can be generated too.


  • Having the specialist functionality of innvan is one thing but being able to get the specialist business insight is another. That’s why we have available a range of reports, dashboards and management tools to give you the edge in your business reporting.

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